About me

I'm Sondre, a 3D artist who grew up on the hilly west coast of Norway, but is currently residing in London, UK. At the moment I work as a realtime technical artist primarily for VR and AR commercial experiences.

My focus now is on shader development, rendering tech and pipeline and proceduralism, working mainly in Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Houdini and Maya.

Growing up, however, film had a large place in my life and so I also quite enjoy cinematography, evident from some of my previous work like the 35 minute independent film Prosjekt Gloppen I did together with Iver Heen Ask.

After a brief career as a photographer many years ago, photography has stayed with me as a hobby, previously digital, but now mainly on film.

In addition to that there is music, and I play the piano, guitar and drums, though there's probably more willpower than skill involved these days.