Hello, world!

Consider this first contact between my tech art blog and the outside world. Hopefully this won't be the last post on here...


So first of all, welcome to my realtime technical artist brain dump site. Hopefully this will end up having posts about UE4, Unity, Houdini, Maya and other fun stuff some time in the not too distant future, but I won't promise anything.

I started the project of building this site with the goal of having some space for me to put the result - and sometimes the journey to the result - of the work that I do in my spare time. Part of the reason is to encourage myself to take those projects to a point where they actually end up as something tangible and viewable, and perhaps down the line some of the things I post about will end up helping someone out there create some really cool stuff.

Making my own Python driven site

Compared to future posts on here, I will be very brief on the technical aspects of the project, since I don't plan on having any focus on web development in particular on this site, but I'll include it since I count this as one of my one week studies, as the site emerged from one, even though this took a bit more than a week.

( more on those projects in later posts )

The backend of this site is custom written in Python using Flask and SQLAlchemy. The front end design is also all custom but utilizes ( perhaps poorly ) Bootstrap 4, especially for responsiveness, and what little javascript there is is mostly custom vanilla JS, except the help of Quill ( which I'm currently using to write this post! ) and highlight.js. All of this is then brought to you through NGINX from my linux VPS.

All in all a fun project where I got to explore the networking side of Python, database interaction and some code management for this sort of smaller hobby-scale web development project. I expect there to be loads of changes depending on how I end up using this site, and maybe it'll just crash and burn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I could go into more detail if anyone wants me to, but there are so many sources out there on this topic that are made by more qualified people. I'd recommend checking out Corey Schafer on youtube as he's been a strong guidance for me on this project, and for Python knowledge in general.